Real Estate

Czech Capital RE Subfund

We're a property fund dedicated to long-term ventures. Our focus is chiefly on residential and commercial spaces, especially in Prague. Beyond the clear objective of profit-making, our mission encompasses improving life's quality in the contemporary cityscape.

We invest only in real assets

Every investment within the subfund is backed by property, providing a buffer against risk. Our primary focus is on developing and refurbishing promising structures in urban regions.

Adapting to market shifts

In 2023, the fund adapted to market movements by shifting from maintaining positions in residential and rental buildings to increasing exposure in claims secured by real estate, currently presenting a markedly higher potential for returns.

Diversifying our and your portfolio

A substantial element of our portfolio is made up of industrial areas, serving as the backbone for private equity ventures and generating steady revenue through leasing.


How we grow

We stand as one
of the most lucrative real estate funds in the Czech Republic

Real estate investments are the cornerstone of our strategy. We currently offer vetted investment opportunities worth several hundred million Czech crowns in total.


Current subfund projects


This ready-to-launch project boasts construction permits for transforming it into a prime property, featuring 15 residential units and 2 commercial spaces.


The residential venture offers 14 units, from studios to two-bedrooms. Post-renovation, all individual apartments have found their new owners.

Farma Volavec

With over thirty years in operation, this family-run venture thrives in cattle breeding, milk production, and dairy delicacies, all while preserving traditional methods and recipes.


Positioned near Lubenec’s centre, this manufacturing site sits strategically along the freshly paved D6 highway.

Nový Knín

The premises of a dairy, slaughterhouse, and meat processing plant are situated in the cadastral area of the town of Nový Knín, within the Příbram district.


Rojek’s expansive complex houses an array of facilities, from sleek offices and production halls to a dedicated paint shop, metalworking, and a boiler testing area.

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