Cash pool

Czech Capital PE Mezanin Subfund

We are proud to present the Czech Capital PE Mezanin Subfund, a one-of-a-kind cash pool fund. It offers a straightforward way to diversify your investments and secure returns that outpace today's inflation.

A safe harbor
in turbulent times

The Czech Capital PE Mezanine Subfund operates as a cash reserve, providing crucial liquidity to private equity projects at pivotal stages of their growth. These loans are primarily allocated to subsidiary firms within the Czech Capital RE Subfund and the Czech Capital Restart Subfund.

Diversification in
one step

Investors can easily diversify their portfolio through a single investment in Mezanin. This gives them the opportunity to participate in private equity projects without the risk of a 100% loss.

Optimal investment timeline

The fund strives for an average return of 12 to 15% for VIP shareholders. Beyond this, they also stand to gain additional profits through a 5% share in the proceeds from the sale of any companies under the Czech Capital Restart Subfund.

VIP shares

Yield bonus

All holders of VIP shares in the Mezanin Subfund are entitled to a 5% yield bonus. Under standard conditions, an investor’s regular shares are converted to VIP shares after 3 years.

Investors entering the Mezanin Subfund automatically receive 30% of their shares as VIP versions, entitling them to participate in the fund’s excess returns right from the first year.

This opportunity is valid only until the first 100 million CZK is subscribed to the fund’s capital.

Financing projects

Where Mezanin Subfund helps


Rojek, a force in the world of boiler and woodworking machinery manufacturing, hit the notable milestone of 100 years in business in 2021, boasting a worldwide commercial presence.

Čerstvě nadojeno

Originating from the acquisition of an ecofarm, the company now produces organic dairy delights under the Bio Vavřinec brand. With CCFS’s backing, it’s set to broaden its distribution horizons.

Joxty SE

This brand brings snacks crafted from Italian vegetables to the table. Joxty chips are celebrated for their authentic flavor, retaining their natural hues and minerals thanks to an innovative production process.


Velos specializes in the production of metal goods, including their surface finishing. These products are utilized in various sectors such as furniture, healthcare, or the automotive industry.

Key subfund details

Legal form of the fund

joint stock company with variable

Fund type

qualified investor fund

Background assets of the fund


Security issued



Public tradeability


Frequency of NAV calculation


Minimum investment

100 000 CZK (approx 4 100 EUR) + mandatory condition is minimal investment 1 milion CZK

(approx 41 000 EUR) in all funds managed by Proton investiční společnost a.s.

Cost rate of subfund in 2022


Entry fee

up to 3%

Management fee

up to 1.3 %

Client's investment horizon

medium-term, 6 years

Frequency of investment share buyback


Maturity of investment share buybacks

after the expiry of 1 year from the commencement of the issue

of Investment Shares and subsequently within 1 month from the end of the calendar

month following the month in which the request for buyback was received

Exit fee

20% upon request for buyback within 3 years of subscription

0% upon request for buyback after 3 years from subscription

Taxation of fund yields

5% from the fund's profits

Taxation of shareholders – natural


15% upon buyback within 3 years, 0% upon buyback after 3 years

Fund manager

Proton investiční společnost, a.s.

Fund administrator

AVANT investiční společnost, a.s.

Fund depository

CYRRUS, a.s.

Fund auditor

AUDIT ONE s.r.o.

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