Czech Capital Restart Subfund

Czech Capital Restart Subfund shields companies with high economic potential from bankruptcy. We analyze the extent of a company's problems during a crisis and orchestrate its restart through investments and overall transformation.

Turning challenges into opportunities

Our role involves deep analysis of company challenges, providing crisis management, devising fresh strategic plans, and securing the necessary funding for a company's revival.

Future-focused industries

Our private equity endeavors predominantly revolve around the mechanical engineering and food sectors, with products boasting international relevance and global distribution.

Custom-made investment strategies

Our investment approach is centered on transformative restructuring, often undertaken collaboratively with the initial stakeholders. Equity is meticulously crafted to suit each individual project's needs.


Tailoring success for every project

Through meticulous analysis, we craft strategies tailored to each project, whether it involves generational transition, preparing a company for sale, or turnaround management for a struggling business. This approach sets the stage for success and profitability to flourish.


Current subfund projects


Rojek, a force in the world of boiler and woodworking machinery manufacturing, hit the notable milestone of 100 years in business in 2021, boasting a worldwide commercial presence.

Čerstvě nadojeno

Originating from the acquisition of an ecofarm, the company now produces organic dairy delights under the Bio Vavřinec brand. With CCFS’s backing, it’s set to broaden its distribution horizons.

Joxty SE

A producer of snacks made from Italian vegetables, Joxty chips are known for their natural flavor. Thanks to innovative production methods, they retain their natural colors and minerals.

Sumtex Europe

Sumtex Europe is a stable Czech textile company with a history spanning over 180 years. It produces custom-made cutting fabrics according to the specific requirements of its customers.


Get in touch

We will be happy to provide you with a detailed overview of the investment portfolio, strategy, and fund hedging at a personal meeting or online.