Production areas

Current project

Production area Lubenec

Property type:


The production site is situated in the wider centre of Lubenec on the route of the newly built D6 motorway, about 1.5 kilometres from the exit of the recently opened section.

Production area Nový Knín

Property type:

Nový Knín

An unfinished building of the dairy, slaughterhouse, and meat products factory built according to the geometric plan on the land St. 618 including accessories and land lot no. 798, lot no. 802, lot no. 963 and lot no. 989/2 in the cadastral territory and municipality of Nový Knín, Příbram district.

Production area Rojek

Property type:

Kostelec n. Orlicí 

Výrobní areál je umístěn na okraji města v ulici U Kapličky. Areál je tvořen vstupním objektem, kancelářemi, výrobní halou, provozní budovou, lakovnou, plechárnou, nástrojárnou, objektem zkušebny kotlů, kotelnou, trafostanicí, truhlárnou, skladem odlitků, garážemi, jídelnou, skladem hořlavin, skladem a ocelovými přístřešky.

Další projekty

Branická 146

In 2017, the fund invested in the purchase of a minority stake in the Branická project. At the end of 2019, the majority owner offered to buy out its full stake.

CASA Folimanka

In a development project in Nusle, Prague, the entire apartment building was reconstructed with the addition of a new wing.

Čerstvě nadojeno

Čerstvě nadojeno was established by the acquisition of Ekofarma Kosařův mlýn, which produces organic dairy products under the Bio Vavřinec brand.

Enjoy Chips

Enjoy Chips produces vegetable and protein chips. Thanks to patented technology, all the flavour and colour of the vegetables remains in the chips.


Established in 2016, Fantolis has quickly become a stable presence in the domains of robotics, automated workplaces designs, and photovoltaics.

Farma Volavec

The family business focuses on cattle breeding, milk production, and the production of dairy products using traditional methods.

MV Prague Investment

The industrial complex in Brandýs n. Labem consists of a two-bay car repair hall, a car dealership, a detached warehouse, and parking and adjacent spaces.

Production areas

Founded only in 2016, Fantolis is a well established company specialised in manufacturing industrial robots and designing automated workplaces.


The 100-year-old and family-owned company Rojek is a major manufacturer of woodworking machines with a global business presence.


Sumtex is a stable Czech company with 180 years of history. It produces cut-to-size fabrics made to order according to the customer's desired specifications.


The project of three apartment buildings consists of 22 apartments ranging from one to three-bedroom apartments. All units have been sold.


The project in the centre of Prague combines the reconstruction of 12 apartments and the renovation of 430 sqm of non-residential premises.


Velos focuses on manufacturing of metal products, which includes their surface treatment. You will find Czech and international brands among their clients.

Villa Doria

Villa Doria offers exclusive family living in Prague 8. It is a reconstruction of half of a semi-detached villa with the addition of a new wing.